“Brian is an exceptional golf instructor, one of the small percentage of instructors, I suspect, who are equally personable, technically skilled, and highly effective in steadily producing positive change in students.  His experience and teaching ability is particularly evident in his remarkable skill at movement analysis.  His lessons build well on previous ones, and his capacity for keen observation and identification of the next step in the developmental process has surprised me often. He has established a solid foundation of fundamentals with me, helped me to learn to self-correct, and has instilled in me a commitment to regular range practice and a genuine affection for the game. My ball contact has steadily improved, as has my general shot-making, and my comfort level on the golf course. I have recommended him to friends, and each has reported similar experiences with him to my own.” – Bob M.

“I had 20 lessons with Brian over the course of a season and my handicap went from 42 to 26. I’m having so much more fun on the course and I no longer feel embarrassed. Thank you for all your help.” – Katie B.

“My handicap had plateaued at 13 for several years. After working with Brian for 6 months and learning that I was practicing the wrong things my handicap made it down to a 4. It took a lot of work but was well worth it. My personal best score went from a 76 to a 68.” – Paul T.

“Brian is a talented, focused, delightfully humorous, and very effective golf instructor, who quickly establishes lasting rapport by understanding his student’s goals and aspirations accurately and quickly.  He then becomes a valued partner in a continuing evolutionary process; one who takes as much pleasure and satisfaction from his students progress in golf as the students do themselves.”  – Mike G.

“I had never touched a golf club in my life but I needed to play in a company scramble tournament so I enlisted Brian’s help only two month before the event. Not only did they use 5 or 6 of my shots, but our team won the tournament. And now I’m hooked” – Paula R.

“I was going to quit the game and Brian talked me off the ledge. His help with my attitude and general mental side of the game was as helpful as the swing changes we made. Thank you!” – William S.

“My 12 year old year son participated in a junior clinic that Brian taught.  He wasn’t thrilled that I signed him up, but he ended up enjoying it very much and now he spends more time outside playing and practicing golf and less time on his computer and phone.” – Mika H.